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Mastercard from eBay

Synchrony Bank’s eBay Mastercard allows you to earn and use eBay-specific points. For individuals who spend a lot on the site, this card’s high reward rate more than compensates for its limited reward-redemption possibilities.

eBay Mastercard holders may want to learn more about paying their balance. When it comes to the eBay Mastercard login, you will discover more about your account and how to get in touch with customer service, as well as how to receive support from the issuer, Synchrony Bank in this post.

Benefits of the Mastercard from eBay Credit Card Reward

  • For every dollar spent at a restaurant or the pump, you’ll get three points. Those who frequently travel or dine out may appreciate this feature.
  • You get 2 points for every dollar you spend on eBay Mastercard. This is a great function if you buy tiny goods or large purchases on eBay.
  • 1 point for every dollar you spend outside of the program. With an eBay credit card, the rewards are yours to keep, wherever you use it.
  • Travel tickets, lodging, and even a car rental can all be purchased with your points.
  • You may be able to avoid interest payments on your eBay credit card by taking advantage of special financial discounts from time to time.
  • There is no recurring charge.
  • You can monitor your application’s progress online.

Register for Online Access To Mastercard Account

Once you’ve signed up for an account, you’ll be able to instantly view your balance, purchase history, and pay bills.

  • It is possible to sign up by visiting https://ebaymastercard.syf.com/login/register
  • Input your bank account number here.
  • Submitting your postal code
  • ‘Continue’ should be clicked or tapped.
  • Finish by selecting a password that is easy to remember.

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A Guide to Logging In with Your eBay Mastercard

Please follow these instructions to get into your eBay credit card account. “

  • Go to https://ebaymastercard.syf.com/login to access the official site.
  • Enter the User ID you provided.
  • Make sure you type in the password you’ve chosen.
  • Select the ‘Login Securely’ option from the drop-down menu.
  • If you click the box next to “Remember User ID,” you’ll be able to log in more quickly. If you’re using a public computer, don’t do this.

How to Recover an eBay Mastercard User ID That You Forgot?

  • Visit the official eBay Mastercard website or go here [https://ebaymastercard.syf.com/login/] to begin the process.
  • Afterward, click on the link that says “Access your account.”
  • Click on I’ve forgotten my User ID in the User Account Information box that appears.
  • Finally, enter your eBay Mastercard Account Number and Zip Code in Step 4.
  • After filling out all of the information, click on the “proceed” button.

These techniques should help you forget your eBay Mastercard online portal user ID. Repeat these steps or call eBay Mastercard Customer Service at (844) 435-0237 if you’re having trouble remembering your eBay Mastercard user ID.

How Do I Reset My eBay Mastercard Password?

  • Visit the official eBay Mastercard website or go here [https://ebaymastercard.syf.com/login/] to begin the process.
  • Afterward, click on the link that says “Access your account.”
  • I Forgot My Password is the next option.
  • Finally, enter your eBay Mastercard User ID and Zip Code in step 4.
  • After filling out all of the information, click on the “proceed” button.

Resetting your eBay Mastercard Password online should be a breeze after following the above instructions. If you’re having problems, you may either follow these instructions to reset your eBay Mastercard password or call the company’s customer service line at (844) 435-0237.

eBay Credit Card Payment Instructions

To pay with your eBay credit card, you have three options.

Make Online Payment:

Online payments can only be made through the eBay Credit Card login steps above after you have logged in with your account information. You’ll be able to make a purchase there using a credit card.

By Phone:

To make a payment over the phone, dial (855) 341-3108 to reach Synchrony Bank Customer Over the Phone during the hours mentioned below. Every day of the week 7:30 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time

By Mail:

Payments should be sent to the following address. Don’t forget to send your money in plenty of time before it is due.

PayPal MasterCard Orlando, FL 32896-0012 PO Box 960012

F.A.Q.s for eBay Mastercard Payment Card

1. The eBay Mastercard Credit Card is a credit card.

It is a credit card, eBay Mastercard Credit Card. Users that frequently shop on eBay are rewarded with points that may be redeemed for future purchases.

2. How can I make a payment on my eBay Mastercard?

Online payment for your eBay Mastercard is the most convenient option. Once you’ve signed up for an account at ebaymastercard.syf.com, you can use that portal to make payments. Paying by phone or mail are additional options.

3. For the eBay Mastercard Credit Card, what kind of credit score do you have to have in order to apply?

As a Synchrony Bank credit card, the eBay Mastercard does not specify a minimum credit score requirement for applicants. The eBay Mastercard Credit Card will not be issued to anyone whose creditworthiness does not meet eBay’s requirements.

4: Is eBay’s own credit card available?

Yes, the eBay Mastercard Credit Card and the eBay Extras Mastercard are both offered by eBay.

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