Florida Deputy Injured, Suspect Killed in Dramatic Shootout After High-Speed Chase

Early on Friday, a deputy was shot and a suspect was slain in Central Florida. When deputies in Highlands County saw a car speed through a stop sign, they tried to pull it over. According to Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd, the car proceeded to drive further into the county.

The deputies in Highlands County were about to cancel the traffic stop when they received a 911 call reporting that a female hostage may be inside the vehicle. Sheriff Judd says he has been told that there is a possibility that a child is also in the car. In the end, it turned out to be untrue.

Scenic Highway and T.S. Wilson Road in Frostproof is where the vehicle became stranded after the pursuit ended. Sheriff Judd said the dead suspect, identified as 37-year-old Raymon Martinez, was determined to be a passenger in the car.

According to Sheriff Judd, Martinez is suspected of forcing the woman to drive throughout the pursuit. Sheriff Judd stated that Martinez, who was still in the car, informed law enforcement that he was armed with two firearms and requested water.

Florida Deputy Injured, Suspect Killed in Dramatic Shootout After High-Speed Chase

Martinez refused to get out of the car at first, but Sheriff Judd said he eventually gave in. According to Sheriff Judd, Martinez then tried to depart in the same car that had been stuck.

Martinez fired his gun, hitting Polk County deputy Samuel Yates, 25, in the shoulder due to the use of chemical agents. A trauma helicopter rushed Deputy Yates to the emergency room. His wounds were not critical.

He is in great shape,” Sheriff Judd stated. Martinez was ultimately killed by a barrage of return fire from the deputies. “You can imagine when you start shooting at a SWAT team, it doesn’t end up well,” Sheriff Judd said.

“And we shot Raymond Martinez a lot. We killed him graveyard dead. We gave him exactly what he asked for.” “We can’t even count all the rounds we shot back at him,” Sheriff Judd said. According to the Polk County Sheriff’s Department, Martinez was high on meth when the incident occurred.

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