Former DougCo School Bus Driver Faces 30 Child Abuse Charges for Harsh Brake

A disturbing video shows that a Colorado school bus driver slammed on the brakes on purpose because the kids weren’t sitting still.

This week, station KRDO was the first to get video from inside the bus. It shows the shock that sent the Castle Rock Elementary School kids’ faces into the backs of the seats in front of them on March 1.

At the end of the school day, substitute bus driver Brian Fitzgerald, 61, dropped off students from kindergarten to sixth grade. In the video, you can hear him yelling at the kids before he checks their brakes.

Fitzgerald Yells at Children

Fitzgerald tells his little passengers, “You guys need to be in your seats,” and then adds, “You guys want to see how dangerous that is?”

Fitzgerald then slams on the brakes at 9 mph, which makes the kids scream “Ow!” Oh, my God!”

“Did you get that?” he asks the kids. “So, you should be in your seat, turn around, and sit down right.”

YouTube video

A child can be heard saying, “Why would he do that?”

Later, another girl in the back of the bus calls a parent to report the bus driver. She says that he caused one of her schoolmates to bleed from the cheek because of what he did.

When she got off the bus at her stop, that girl started crying. When her father came to get her, he told Fitzgerald that she had been hurt and told him to “go easy on the brakes.”

Fitzgerald tries to explain himself in the video by saying that the kids are “running all over the place,” which some of the kids strongly disagree with.

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