Fuller Park Shootout: 7 Injured, Including 3 Officers, Rushed to Hospital

Three police officers were among the seven injured in a shooting Thursday night in the Fuller Park area. Wells Street, close to 41st Street, was the scene of the crime. According to the Fire Department, shots were fired in both directions, including at the police.

People could be seen fleeing the scene towards Wells Street on surveillance footage from a neighboring store. The police also came rushing down the street. Three police officers were among the seven people sent to local hospitals, according to the Fire Department.

The University of Chicago Medical Center received three citizens, two in critical condition and one in good condition. Fire Department said that, a fourth civilian was transported to Insight Hospital and Medical Center and is doing well.

The below tweet verifies the news:

All three cops were found to be in stable condition upon arrival at the University of Chicago Medical Center. After a shooting, officers are always checked out at local hospitals. Marissa Perlman of CBS 2 observed an ambulance arrive and check on an officer.

As of 10 p.m., the street was still taped off as the police investigated. Also looking into it is the civilian Office of Police Accountability. A police update is now being awaited.

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