Greensboro Apartment Manager Faces Legal Consequences After Pouring Soda on Black Child

Kim Jennings, the manager of a Greensboro apartment complex, has been caught on video pouring soda on an 11-year-old Black boy and hitting him on the head. While Jennings is now facing criminal charges for her actions, her stated reasoning behind the incident has drawn attention for its dubious nature.

According to Jennings, the altercation began when she confronted the child, identified as Jace Lee-Eury, for being at the apartment’s pool, which is exclusively for residents. She claims that she had asked Jace to leave the pool multiple times before, which he denies. Jennings admitted to losing her temper and throwing soda on Jace before physically striking him.

In her own words, “I had a soda in my hand, and I tossed it on him, and then I popped him. I did, I admit I did, and it was wrong. When you’ve done it and you’ve done it and you’ve done it and you’ve asked him not to come back. I just reacted. But, I will say that I’m sorry that I did that. I should’ve handled it differently.”

The tweet below verifies the news:

Jennings is currently facing charges of assault on a child under 12 for her actions, including spraying soda on Jace, hitting him with the bottle, and allegedly pulling his younger sister’s hair. Despite some support for her actions, including claims of the children’s disrespect, prominent attorneys like Ben Crump and Jason L. Keith have called for accountability.

The incident has prompted the parents of the children to seek legal action, enlisting the help of attorneys Crump and Harry Daniels. They are planning to file a federal lawsuit against Jennings for her behavior. Despite her actions, Jennings asserts that the owners of the apartment complex are supporting her.

Residents who spoke with reporters also expressed support for Jennings, citing the children’s alleged disobedience as disrespectful. The incident has brought attention to the complex dynamics surrounding the altercation and the potential consequences of the apartment manager’s actions.

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