How Much of an Income Does Sacramento Consider Low?

The California Department of Housing and Community Development Division has published its annual income limit report, which determines eligibility for income-driven programs, including affordable housing.

The report provides income thresholds for various family sizes and income categories. The latest figures indicate an increase in state median income, highlighting the ongoing challenges faced by low and moderate-income residents. Here are the key income limits for selected Northern California counties.

Income Limits for Selected Northern California Counties

The following table shows the low and median income limits for one-person households in several Northern California counties, based on the state’s Department of Housing:


Low Income 

Median Income

Sacramento $60,050 $79,750 
Placer$60,050 $79,750
Yolo $58,750 $79,800
El Dorado$60,050$79,750
San Francisco$104,400$122,500
Sonoma$70,500 $89,650 

State Median Income and Changes

California’s state median income has increased to $109,200, according to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, marking an $8,000 rise compared to the previous year.

Metropolitan county median income limits slightly surpass the state median income, now at $110,000. Non-metropolitan counties have median income limits in the range of $83,800.

Significance of Income Limits

These income limits serve as crucial guidelines for determining eligibility in income-driven programs, such as affordable housing initiatives. Low-income residents, earning below the specified thresholds, may qualify for housing assistance to mitigate the challenges posed by high living costs.

Impact on Housing Affordability

The release of the income limit report sheds light on the ongoing affordability crisis faced by many Californians. With median household income in the state calculated at $84,097, a significant gap exists between income levels and housing costs.

These income limits underscore the need for targeted measures to address housing affordability, including the development of more affordable housing options and income-driven programs.

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