Kansas City Police Shoots Two, Injures One

Two people died and a third was hurt when a Kansas City police officer shot at them Friday night.

Just before 9 p.m., a cop called for help near a McDonald’s in eastern Kansas City. This is where the shooting happened. There were not many facts right away.

Sgt. Andy Bell, a spokesman for the Missouri State Highway Patrol, said that when police arrived, they found five people and the officer near a white van. Three of the people in the van had been shot.

Marcell T. Nelson, who was 42 and from Kansas City, and Kristen Fairchild, who was also 42 and from Gardner, both died. The third person was hurt, but not too badly. Two more were taken into custody. No harm came to the cop.

The tweet below verifies the news:

Bell said that detectives are trying to figure out what happened before the officer called for help and if anyone else fired a gun beside the officer. At the scene, a gun was found.

“There’s not much we can tell you,” Bell said on Friday night. “It’s still very, very early in the investigation.”

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