Mayor Issues Statement Following Gunshot in Chicago’s Downtown Loop

Following the tragic shooting deaths of two kids while exiting a school in the Loop in downtown Chicago on Friday afternoon, Mayor Brandon Johnson said that a victim services support team had been created by his administration to assist individuals affected by the incident.

The horrific incident took place on North Wabash Street outside Innovations High School soon before 12:30 in the afternoon. As kids were leaving the high school, a gang of assailants rushed out of their cars and started firing.

“Today, outside of Innovations High School, two students were tragically shot as classes were starting to dismiss for the weekend. I extend my deepest condolences to their families and the Innovations High School community as they grapple with unimaginable pain and trauma caused by this senseless act of violence,” Johnson said in a statement.

“The Chicago Police Department is actively investigating and the Mayor’s Office of Community Safety has activated its victim services support teams to aid victims’ families and fellow students. My prayers and those of my entire administration are with everyone impacted during this difficult time.”

Shooting in Loop in Downtown Chicago

Several gunmen “fired multiple times, striking two teenage students of Innovations High School,” according to a news conference held by police several hours after the shooting.

It seems like a group of around six teenagers were leaving and nobody became angry, according to Jon Hein, the deputy chief of the central control section with the Chicago Police Department. “Like I said, several individuals exited two vehicles, approached the group and fired multiple times.”

Someone who was there said they heard a lot of gunshots, then people started “howling” and weeping. According to the police, the victims were 16 and 17 years old.

They were taken to local hospitals in serious condition but were subsequently declared dead due to their injuries. The deaths were confirmed by the office of the Cook County Medical Examiner.

According to the police, a woman who was walking nearby was slightly wounded when a bullet skimmed her clothing. “Wherever the tragedy like this strikes in the city, it’s heartbreaking for the families and everybody affected by it,” Hein said.

“It’s a tragedy no matter where it happens.” Authorities have stated that they consider the shooting to have been a “isolated incident” and have ruled out any persistent threat to the neighborhood.

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