Activist Mom Speaks Out in Philadelphia 15-year-old Victim of Gun Violence Honored With Vigil

On Friday, those closest to a high school student who was killed by a gunman last month as he made his way to a class held a memorial service. It was held in the city’s Tioga-Nicetown neighborhood and served as a plea for calm and action to reduce gun violence.

The mother of the victim made an emotional plea to the public for information at the event. “I can’t get him back, nothing that can ever be done can bring my son back to me,” cried Wytina Burnside-Weedon.

Burnside-Weedon was comforted by her loved ones and representatives from The Neighborhood Crusade Inc. at the site where her son, Devin Weedon, 15 years old, was shot and killed. She must have had unfathomable bravery to grab a microphone and tell the city what she really thinks about the four wanted criminals.

Mother Demands Action at Philadelphia
Mother Demands Action at Philadelphia

“I hope they catch them and give them life,” she said. Devin Weedon, a student at Simon Gratz High School Mastery Charter, was shot and killed, according to police reports. Authorities have concluded that robbery was the driving factor. The 15-year-old’s murder was carried out by at least one of the accused brandishing a gun.

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His mother started a petition demanding action from local officials on Friday night. For there to be stronger consequences for juveniles who carry guns,” she said. “Ban ski masks, bring back the stop and frisk. All school zone cameras need to be working.” The distraught dad also called for an end to the violence in Philadelphia.

Our Black lives are not going to matter to anybody until they start mattering to us, period,” she said. So date, no one has been apprehended in connection with Weedon’s murder. A $30,000 reward has been offered by the police for information leading to an arrest.

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