A Gunsh*t on Magnolia Avenue Left One Person De@d and Another W0unded

The Knoxville Police Department reports that a sh*oting occurred on Magnolia Avenue on Saturday morning, leaving one person de@d and another injured. At approximately 4:15 a.m., police were called to The Kave on N. Olive Street and Magnolia Avenue in reference to multiple rounds being fired.

Police said they discovered a man with at least one gunsh*t wound in a parking lot. Knoxville Police stated he was transferred to UT Medical Center, where he was later pronounced dea@d.

A second sh*oting victim reportedly arrived at Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center in a private vehicle while police were still on the scene. After being stabilized, the patient was taken to UT Medical Center for further care.

The following tweet serves as confirmation of the news:

The sh*oting is being looked into by the Homicide Unit of the Knoxville Police Department. The police claim to have discovered multiple sh*t casings in the area surrounding The Kave and its parking lot.

Police have said they have no leads on a suspect at this time, so if you have any information, please contact East Tennessee Valley Crime Stoppers. Crime Stoppers accepts anonymous tips via several different channels.

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