Orlando Shooting Leaves One Dead and Six Others Wounded!

A fight over when a car was supposed to be returned resulted in an exchange of gunfire between two groups in Orlando, Florida, which left one person dead and six others injured, according to reports from the police.

Based on information from Orlando Police, the six injured victims are likely to live after being admitted to the hospital and are currently in a stable condition. James Jerry Dawn William III, age 21, has been named as the deceased by the police.

According to Orlando Police, officers responded to a complaint about an alleged weapon assault at approximately 3 p.m. on the day of the shooting, which resulted in a dispute between two groups.

A dispute over a vehicle not being returned by a mutually agreed-upon date was reported when police arrived on the location. A suspect in the alleged attack was not found, according to police, despite the desire of one of the parties involved to pursue legal action.

Orlando Shooting

Police claim that one of the parties to the argument received a trespass warning. Concerning the shooting that night at 11 p.m., police believe that one of the parties was involved.

Upon arriving at the scene of many gunshots on Wednesday night, Orlando Police Department officers discovered several casualties, including one person who had passed away. The incident occurred near Iron Wedge Drive and South Lake Orlando.

The inquiry is still ongoing. The investigation into the victims’ involvement in the shooting and the identification of the suspects is still ongoing, according to police.

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