Suspect Charged With Four Bowdoin Deaths and Three Highway Shootings

A 34-year-old guy has been arrested on suspicion of killing four people in a home in Maine and three people on a nearby interstate.

Police say that Joseph Eaton went on a violent spree in Maine on Tuesday before they caught him.

The Maine State Police said that on Tuesday, they were called to a house in Bowdoin where they found the bodies of four people.

Not long after the sad finding, someone started shooting at cars on Interstate 295.

In the attack, three drivers were shot, and one of them is now in very bad shape.

People think that the two events are linked.

Mr. Eaton was arrested and charged with killing four people. He is being held at Two Bridges Regional Jail, and cops say he will go to court for the first time later this week.

No one has been named as a victim, and the cops haven’t said why this happened, but they plan to give an update on Wednesday.

State police said, “Investigators will be working all night to process multiple scenes and continue to talk to people who were involved in this incident.”

Key points

  • Four victims found dead in home
  • Suspect opens fire on Maine interstate
  • Three drivers were struck by bullets – one in critical condition
  • Joseph Eaton, 34, arrested on murder charges

A Bowdoin Man is Accused of Murder

Joseph Eaton has been charged with four counts of murder after four bodies were found in a Bowdoin home on Tuesday morning, according to WMTM.

Mr. Eaton, who is 34, is in jail. It is not clear yet if he is also being charged in connection with the killings on Interstate 295 in nearby Yarbrough, which left three people hurt, one of whom is in critical condition.

Police haven’t said what led to the killings in Bowdoin yet, and Governor Janet Mills said she was “shocked and deeply saddened.”

Tuesday, April 18, 2023, at 20:53, a road is stopped in Yarmouth as police continue to look into a shooting.

State police asked the Main Department of Transportation to close the southbound part of Interstate 295 this morning after someone shot on the road. The government hasn’t said when they think the southern part of the road will be open again.

Police have asked people in Yarmouth to stay inside while they continue to look into the killing.

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After Killings in Maine, Four People Died and Several Were Hurt

Officials in Maine think that the killings that killed four people in a Bowdoin home and hurt many others on an interstate freeway in Yarmouth are related.

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