The Henrietta Hotel Worker Called 911 During the Incident Seen on Camera

Wednesday morning, a woman was dragged through the lobby of the Microtel on Lehigh Station Road, beaten, and then carried out the front door and into a car. The terrifying events were caught on security video.

But the hotel clerk was another person in the surveillance film who got a lot of attention.

“He did call 911,” said Deputy Brendan Hurley from the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office.

On social media, many people asked why the clerk didn’t do anything to stop the theft.

Hurley said, “It’s easy to watch a disturbing video like that and say you would have done something different.” “You don’t know how you’re going to act until you’re in that situation.”

“If you don’t plan for that kind of situation, you’ll often find that people are shocked,” Hurley said. “Their brain is trying to make sense of what’s in front of them.”

You can see the video below:

YouTube video

The victim was taken to Strong Memorial Hospital, where sheriff’s office representatives met with her.

Mary Delella, who works for MCSO as a crime victims expert, said she couldn’t say much about this case directly, but she could give some ideas about what might happen next.

“When we first get there, our job is just to help them get through the initial shock of everything, and then we get them involved in support services like counseling,” said Delella. “Depending on the crime, we put them in touch with domestic violence support services and support groups.”

Whether or not a victim wants to keep working with the experts is up to them.

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