The Suspect in the Shooting of Wilbraham Police Officer Has Been Arrested

Following an hours-long standoff, the man who fired and wounded a local police officer was apprehended early Sunday morning. In the home where he had taken refuge, the suspect was discovered alert but with gunshot wounds.

The individual was attended to on the spot before being transported to the hospital in an ambulance while being escorted by officers, according to David Procopio, a spokesperson for the Massachusetts State officers.

Wilbraham Police Chief Edward Lennon stated that the officer, whose identity has not been disclosed, was transported to a nearby hospital suffering from severe injuries. As of early Sunday morning, Lennon reported that the officer’s condition remained stable.

After police and the suspect “exchanged gunfire” at approximately 8:40 p.m. on Saturday, the officer was shot. In a written statement, Procopio claimed that the alleged gunman thereafter locked himself in a residence on Old Carriage Drive.

According to Procopio, state police crisis negotiation unit troopers were able to open a phone line to the residence throughout the standoff, but the suspect did not come out or surrender despite their efforts.

The Suspect in the Shooting of Wilbraham Police Officer Has Been Arrested (1)

The individual was apprehended just after midnight by the State Police Special Tactical Operations Team. According to Procopio, the troops began by breaking a huge ground-level window of the property using a battering ram mounted on a Bearcat armoured vehicle. Then, they sent photographs of the inside to superiors by flying a drone through the shattered window.

The suspect was found inside a front breezeway with gunshot injuries,” he stated, referring to the video feed. After then, troopers from the Tactical Team broke into the house and arrested the man. According to Procopio, they also took a pistol and ammo that were found nearby the suspect.

“One member of the (State Police Tactical) Team rescued two people from the house who had climbed onto the roof of the adjacent garage before the events that resulted in the arrest,” Procopio explained.

He was vague about whether or not the suspect—whose identity is still unknown—lived in the house where he set himself up shop. When the first shots rang out, officers from surrounding towns rushed to the aid of Wilbraham’s police force, including Ludlow, Chicopee, and Hadley.

According to him, numerous units and troopers from the Springfield Barracks of the Massachusetts State Police also provided assistance. According to Procopio, the culprit was sought after for three hours while police sealed off a small cul-de-sac with approximately ten residences.

The police have remained tight-lipped regarding the suspect’s condition. Lennon said that the gunshot and standoff are being investigated by the Massachusetts State Police, Wilbraham Police, and Anthony Gulluni, the district attorney of Hampden.

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