Gunfire at a Pub in Southwest Oklahoma City Left Three People Dead and Three Others Injured

Authorities confirmed to CBS News on Sunday that three people were murdered and three others were injured in a shooting at a pub in Oklahoma City on Saturday night. Nobody has caught the suspect yet. The Whiskey Barrel Saloon, a pub, and grill in the city’s southwestern portion was the scene of the incident.

Lt. Jeff Cooper, a spokesman for the Oklahoma City Police Department, told CBS News on Sunday that the event occurred at a bar full of people and that three people were killed and three others were injured; he called it a “chaotic” scene. One of the three injured patients sent to the hospital needed immediate surgery.

The other two had injuries, but nothing too serious. The names of the victims of the incident have not been released by police. Cooper stated that all three victims of the shooting were male. A representative for the Oklahoma City Police Department said that as of Sunday, neither a suspect nor anyone else connected to the incident had been identified.

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Cooper added that by the time police arrived at the saloon on Saturday night, the shooter or shooters had already left. CBS station KWTV-DT reported on Saturday that police at the location first indicated that one individual was arrested following the event but subsequently acknowledged the information was inaccurate and that officials were not currently investigating any leads.

The 4100 block of Newcastle Road is closed as we deal with a major situation involving numerous law enforcement agencies. In this… The following was released by the Oklahoma City Police Department on April 1, 2023. Cooper stated on Sunday that he expected additional information regarding the probe to be released by police on Monday.

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