Tragic Shooting in Miami Condo Claims Lives of Ex-girlfriend and Her Mother!

On Wednesday morning, police in Miami claimed a man shot and murdered his ex-girlfriend and her mother at a condo complex. The suspect is currently in custody. The shooting occurred at the Yolanda Villas Condominium in the Flagami area at 801 Northwest 47th Avenue shortly after 9 a.m.

Isbelsy Olivera, 22, and her mother, Irisbel Cartalla, 50, were discovered shot to death inside a unit in the building, according to Miami Police. According to the police, a male who was previously romantically involved with Olivera broke into the building and attacked the women.

“What we can confirm is that the suspect somehow was able to ambush both that mother and daughter and they were found deceased inside of their apartment building complex,” Miami Police spokesperson Kiara Delva said.

The mother reportedly cleans the condo complex and lives with her daughter in an upper-floor unit, according to a neighbor. From their apartment, the daughter does manicures, according to the neighbor.

They are very nice, hard working women, it’s a shame that this unfortunately had occurred,” Jacqueline Granda said. “I wish the family all of the best.” A building resident reported overhearing the daughter’s ex-boyfriend waiting for a customer to exit the flat before opening fire on the two women. He then fled the scene.

Man Killed Ex-girlfriend and Her Mother in Double Shooting

The individual subsequently surrendered to the West Miami Police and admitted guilt, according to the authorities. The Miami Police Department has taken him into jail, but he remains anonymous. Carlos Travieso, 48, was named as the suspect by friends and neighbors.

Although the victim’s social media accounts feature Travieso in multiple images, the police have not formally named him as the suspect. He is subject to two counts of first-degree murder, according to records from the jail.

The suspect would have needed to get past the security guard stationed at the front gate before making his way upstairs. “The investigation is ongoing, there’s still a lot of moving components, circumstances surrounding what led up to the shooting is under investigation,” Delva said.

“The circumstances surrounding what led up to the suspect being able to gain access to the apartment complex is still under investigation as well, so there are still a lot of moving components to this investigation as far as how he gained access into the building.”

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