Boxcar With Migrants With One Dead and Three Injured Following 911 Call

Twelve migrants, including one who was pronounced dead at the spot and three others who needed hospitalization, were found by Texas authorities after a desperate 911 call was made from a freight train.

On Friday, 17 migrants, including two who later died, were found trapped in a railroad freight container in Uvalde County, Texas. The discovery was made on Saturday afternoon near Eagle Pass, Texas, on the U.S.-Mexico border.

A spokeswoman for Union Pacific stated that at approximately 4:30 p.m. on Saturday, someone inside a boxcar parked in the yard dialed 911. At least one migrant was confirmed dead upon arrival.

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According to the Eagle Pass Fire Department, a total of three additional migrants were taken to the hospital for medical care at Fort Duncan Regional Medical Center. According to Union Pacific, it was the Border Patrol that was contacted and ultimately detained the other eight survivors.

Trapped Migrants Found in Boxcar
Trapped Migrants Found in Boxcar

The United States Customs and Border Protection is looking into allegations of human smuggling. There have been no reported arrests. Eagle Pass’ Mexican consulate issued a statement acknowledging the occurrence.

The Mexican consulate confirmed that the deceased migrant was an adult national of Mexico. The consulate reported that the rest of the rescued migrants were from Ecuador, Mexico, Honduras, and Colombia.

According to a statement released by the Uvalde Police Department, the incident occurred a day after 17 migrants, including two men who later died, were found in a Union Pacific freight rail container near Knippa, Texas, in Uvalde County.

An anonymous caller alerted police that many migrants were “suffocating” inside the cargo container. According to reports, the migrants were discovered after the U.S. Border Patrol was able to stop the train next to Highway 90 in the town of Knippa. The event is being looked into by Homeland Security and the Texas Department of Public Safety.

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