Woman Found Alive in Coffin After Being Declared Dead

An Ecuadorean woman’s wake attendees were shocked to learn she was still alive.

Bella Montoya, 76, was pronounced dead by a medical physician in Babahoyo city following a suspected stroke.

Before her scheduled burial, family members gathered in a funeral home and held a vigil for her before placing her in a casket.

The woman gasped for oxygen when they finally opened the coffin to change her before the burial, over five hours later.

Gilbert Balberán, her son, recalled the moment he realized his mother was still alive: “My mom started to move her left hand, to open her eyes, and her mouth; she struggled to breathe.”

While another mourner complains that the ambulance they summoned has not yet arrived, a video captured by a mourner shows her trying to breathe as she lies in an open coffin.

Firefighters come shortly after and carry Bella Montoya back to the hospital where she had been pronounced dead.

The tweet below confirms the news:

She was in serious care, but her son informed Ecuadorian media that she was still awake and talking.

“My mother’s heart is steady and she is on oxygen. He told the newspaper El Universo, “They tell me that’s wonderful because it shows she is reacting little by little. The doctor pinched her hand and she reacted.

According to Mr. Balberán, he brought his mother to the hospital, and “at noon, a doctor told me [she] died.”

He said that a death certificate had even been produced, stating that she had had a stroke and then experienced cardiac arrest.

There are more people who have “come alive” after being pronounced dead besides Bella Montoya.

An 82-year-old woman was discovered to be breathing in a funeral parlor in New York State in February. Three hours earlier, a nursing home had declared her dead.

Woman Declared Dead Wakes Up in Coffin After Thorough Examination

Such instances are extremely rare, but Dr. Stuart Hughes, a senior lecturer in medicine at the Anglia Ruskin University School of Medicine in Chelmsford, notes that “death is a process.”

“Sometimes, even though someone appears to be dead, they are actually still alive.” “A thorough examination is required to establish death.”

According to a consultant in emergency care, doctors should listen for heart sounds and monitor breathing efforts for at least a minute if patients are unresponsive and have no pulse. “If all of that is missing, you can assume they are dead.”

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However, it could be challenging even for medical personnel to confirm a death, for instance when bodies are extremely cold. According to Dr. Hughes, the patient in these situations “will have an almost imperceptibly slow heart rate and their bodies will have shut down.”

He adds that some medications can also slow down bodily functions, providing the impression of death. These “confounding factors” may appear if the examination is hastily conducted or rushed.

A commission to look into the occurrence has been established by Ecuador’s health minister.

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