Yellowstone Visitor Pushes Bison Calf onto Roadway

On Saturday, May 20, the Lamar Valley encounter was captured on camera by the national park. According to the press release that accompanied it, a park visitor approached the bison calf and pulled it up to the road as a herd of bison crossed the Lamar River next to the roadway.

The other bison abandoned the calf after coming into contact with humans. “Park rangers made numerous attempts to put the calf back with the herd. These initiatives fell short, the statement claimed.

The tweet below confirms the news:

The calf was k!lled by park authorities because it was “causing a hazardous situation” by approaching vehicles and people. A website named Why Yellowstone Doesn’t Rescue Wildlife is linked to the assertion.

The California Examiner is the source of the most recent news and may be accessed at:

Visitors to Yellowstone must maintain a distance of 100 yards from wolves or bears and 25 yards from other species.

Anyone with information regarding the individual in the photo is urged to call the park’s tip line at 307-344-2132 or [email protected].

The California Examiner is the only publication you need to read if you are interested in learning about California’s local news and rumors.

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