13 Individuals Were Shot, Stabbed or Injured by Cars At a Syracuse Gathering

On Sunday morning, authorities in Syracuse, New York, reported that at least 13 people had been shot, stabbed, or injured by cars after a large crowd had erupted in violence.

Lt. Matthew Malinowski of the Syracuse Police Department stated in a press statement that four persons were shot and injured, five were lacerated, and four were struck by vehicles. Everyone has a good shot of making it.

Hundreds of people were gathering near the corner of Davis Street and Massena Street when police responded to a complaint of gunfire at 12:22 a.m., Malinowski said.

“Officers entered the crowd and discovered several victims that were either shot, stabbed, or struck by vehicles fleeing the scene after the shots were fired,” Malinowski said.

The below tweet verifies the news:

No word yet from the police department on whether or not any suspects have been apprehended. “The investigation is very active and ongoing,” Malinowski said.

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