Two Minors Taken Into Custody Following Tragic Shooting at Kansas City Chiefs Parade

On Thursday, authorities said that two of the individuals taken into custody following the tragic shooting that occurred after the parade honoring the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl victory on Wednesday were minors.

The investigation into the incident is ongoing, and Chief Stacey Graves of the Kansas City Police Department stated that no charges have been filed at this time. “We are working to determine the involvement of others,” stated Graves. “… We want to make sure that anyone responsible for yesterday is brought to justice.”

On Thursday, authorities announced that they had released a third suspect from custody, who had been held since Wednesday. Contact the authorities, the chief said, if you were a witness to the shooting or had video of it.

Who or What Was Behind the Shooting in Kansas City?

According to Graves, the initial results of the investigation have ruled out any link between the incident and domestic violent extremism or terrorism. According to her, it seems like a quarrel between multiple individuals was the root cause of the shooting.

Graves added that the investigation into the shooting was examining whether any connections existed among the individuals apprehended. The probe has led to the recovery of multiple firearms, according to the chief.

Authorities reported that a shooting outside Union Station, which occurred after the Chiefs’ Super Bowl triumph parade, resulted in the death of at least one person and injured numerous others, including children and teenagers.

2 Juveniles Detained in Deadly Kansas City

Lisa Lopez-Galvan, 43, a radio personality from the area, was the victim of the incident. “We are still learning about her, but know that she is beloved by many,” added Graves. “To her friends and family, we are with you, and we are working tirelessly to investigate her murder.”

The individuals who were apprehended remain unknown, according to the authorities. According to what Graves said on Thursday morning, authorities have 24 hours to decide whether to release them or press charges.

My focus right now and what is most important to us is to make sure that everything in this case is presented for a successful prosecution,” added the commander. “... We have all intentions of presenting charges.”

According to Graves, the gunfire left at least 22 others wounded. Ross Grundyson, chief of the Kansas City Fire Department, stated that eight patients were treated in critical condition, seven in serious condition, and six with minor injuries.

On Thursday, Dr. Mark Steele, University Health’s executive chief clinical officer, informed reporters that two patients were in critical condition and one was in stable condition. Wednesday night, five other patients were given the all-clear.

According to Dr. Dustin Neel, one of the critically ill patients was able to survive thanks to the swift action of the first responders. “He might not be here with us now if he hadn’t gotten here as fast as he did,” Neel told reporters. “He sustained extremely life-threatening injuries.”

Half of the victims were younger than sixteen years old, while the ages of the injured varied from eight to forty-seven, according to Graves’ Thursday statement. Graves said on Wednesday that the individuals taken into custody were apprehended by the authorities in the immediate aftermath of the shooting.

Among them was a suspect who was apprehended after being pursued by police in the moments following the gunshots. On Thursday, the chief expressed gratitude to the celebrationgoers who apprehended a suspect in the incident.

According to Mayor Quinton Lucas’s statements to the media, the city’s procession for St. Patrick’s Day next month is still in the works.

“We’ll do everything that we can, both as a city and working with our state and federal partners, to see that we can help avoid these types of situations,” said Lucas. “Unfortunately, this is not the first shooting at a parade in our country or rally.”

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