Tragic Shooting Outside Missouri High School Claims Two Lives Just Before Basketball Game Comes to a Close!

Saturday, gunshot outside a Missouri high school injured at least one person, including a kid, according to North Kansas City Police. The shooting occurred less than one month after a mass shooting at a Super Bowl celebration rocked the area.

Sgt. Christopher Kimmel of the North Kansas City Police Department informed reporters on Saturday night that two casualties were taken to a nearby hospital after the incident. The young victim’s status was improved to serious but stable, according to North Kansas City Deputy Administrator Kim Nakahodo, after the original critical condition reports.

The city released a statement saying that the second victim, the age of whom was not disclosed by the police, is currently being treated at a local hospital. Kimmel reports that no one has been taken into custody and that the exact number of gunmen is unknown. The police are currently interviewing witnesses and analyzing footage shot at the spot.

Kimmel stated that after the conclusion of the game at North Kansas City High stadium, gunshots could be heard outside the stadium. According to Kimmel, two officers from the Clayton County Sheriff’s Office who were on duty throughout the game were the first to arrive at the location. They discovered one injured individual outside.

2 People Injured in Shooting Outside Missouri High School

The police have stated that they are currently actively investigating the incident and are trying to determine whether there were any further victims; however, they have not disclosed the location of the second victim.

According to a statement released by North Kansas City Schools on Saturday night, the shooting that took place at the conclusion of the North Kansas City High School vs. Staley High School game took place outside the east side of the building. While authorities responded, everyone inside was instructed to remain indoors.

According to the city’s press release, eyewitnesses saw a person fleeing the area near the football field’s entrance. The district mentioned that they had contacted everyone directly, but they do not have any other facts to share. We expect the police to conduct a thorough investigation.

Last month, at a Chiefs’ Super Bowl celebration rally, a gunman opened fire, killing one and injuring twenty-two others. The Kansas City metro area is still recovering from that tragedy. Now we’re talking about negatively impacted lives, and we want our kids to come see a basketball game. “It will be completely pointless,” Kimmel remarked.

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