A Shooting in a Dental Office Near San Diego Left One Dead and Two Injured!

Thursday afternoon, authorities reported that an assailant opened fire in a dental office located in the city of El Cajon, Southern California, resulting in one fatality and two injuries. The suspect was apprehended after a manhunt on Thursday evening.

In a social media post, the El Cajon Police Department identified Mohammed Abdulkareem, 29, as the fugitive who had escaped in a white U-Haul pickup vehicle bearing an Arizona license plate. Just after 10 p.m. local time, the authorities issued a statement indicating his apprehension.

Immediate details regarding the detention were not disclosed. El Cajon police Captain Rob Ransweiler stated in a news briefing on Thursday evening, prior to the arrest, that one male victim was pronounced dead at the location of the gunshot.

His identity was withheld. With firearm wounds, two additional individuals were transported to nearby hospitals; they are expected to survive. The motive remained unknown, and the police refrained from providing further details regarding the circumstances that led to the incident.

Shooting in Dental Office Near San Diego

Ransweiler disclosed that the suspect was carrying a handgun and that “other individuals were present in the office” during the incident. Ransweiler stated that the suspect was identified by means of the city’s surveillance cameras.

We were able to obtain license plate information from the Flock camera system as the vehicle left the area,” Ransweiler clarified.

Thus, the suspect was not observed at the crime site. Thus, we were able to identify the vehicle and corroborate that it had been rented by the suspect by utilizing that technology. Approximately 15 miles east of San Diego is El Cajon.

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