60-Year-Old Store Clerk Beaten in Chinatown Robbery

The suspect in a blatant robbery in Chinatown who struck a 60-year-old store worker is being sought by police. After being beaten, the 20-year store employee was taken to the hospital. “It’s heartbreaking to see something like that,” said John Nguyen, the owner of the store. “She’s one of the nicest people.”

At around 12 p.m. on Thursday, the heist took place in Angie’s Boutique. Nguyen claimed that Van Huynh, the store’s clerk, saw the suspect approaching the door while wearing a ski mask over his face. The man overpowered her and forced entry into the smokeshop despite her attempts to chain the door shut.

Huynh attempted to stop the suspect from stealing items out of the front window when he took off his ski mask. He pushed her to the ground before moving to cross the store to the opposite side. He grabbed a black box from over the counter. Huynh got to her feet and attempted to stop the man from leaving the business.

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The 60-year-old woman was knocked to the ground when the thief turned around and punched her in the face. “She’s 60 years old. She didn’t deserve it,” Nguyen remarked. Locals rushed into the shop to assist Huynh as he was being carried to the hospital.

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She seems to be OK,” according to Nguyen. “She’s coherent. She’s talking, but her left eye is swollen shut.” According to Nguyen, medical professionals are waiting for the swelling to go down before looking for internal damage. The suspect attempted to rob the business the day before, the store owner added.

He said, “He came in yesterday and scoped the items out,” “He attempted to take it yesterday. I stopped him.” This is the first time the store has been robbed in 20 years, according to Nguyen. In exchange for any information that results in a conviction, he is given a $5,000 prize.

The Los Angeles Police Department stated that they are using facial recognition software to search through the security footage and identify the perpetrator.

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