A Gunman In Tennessee Fired At A Contractor While Attempting To Enter A Jewish School

According to authorities, a guy from Tennessee who tried to enter a Jewish school with a gun fired rounds at a contractor there before pointing it at officers and being shot by one of them on a residential street.

On the day of the shooting, police reported that Joel Bowman, 33, attempted to enter the Margolin Hebrew Academy-Feinstone Yeshiva of the South school in Memphis on Monday but was turned away. Although there was not a class in session, there was a small staff and construction workers there.

Police said in an affidavit that the contractor was not struck after Bowman, who had attended the school, circled its outside and fired two bullets at him. Then, according to authorities, Bowman fired two more bullets from outside the school before leaving in a pickup truck.

A short drive from the school, police located Bowman. He got out of his pickup, pointed a gun at an officer, and was shot, according to the police. Bowman was admitted to the hospital in a critical state.

Bowman was accused with carrying a firearm on school grounds, attempted second-degree murder, and other charges on Wednesday. Bowman was still in the hospital, according to his attorney Mitchell Wood, but he was arraigned “in absentia” in court on Friday. Wood claimed he entered a not guilty plea.

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The attempt to enter the school has not been linked to any specific reason. Jewish community security officials declined to discuss the security measures in place at the school, but they have stated that schools, synagogues, and community centers across Memphis and the nation have increased security in recent years due to a string of shootings that have occurred in public settings where Jews congregate.

Twenty years had passed since Bowman’s father was tragically shot by police while brandishing a gun at the family home during a mental health episode.

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