Driver Claims That Treat Williams Was A Friend And That The Crash’s Charges Are Unjustified

Despite knowing the actor and considering him a friend, the motorist suspected of triggering the collision that killed Treat Williams denied any wrongdoing and stated the accusations are unjustified.

The managing creative director of the Dorset Theatre Festival in Vermont, Ryan Koss, claimed to have known Williams for many years as a fellow actor and a part of the close-knit community. He expressed his shock at Williams’ passing and sent his “sincerest condolences” to the actor’s family. Koss declared, “I thought of him as a buddy.

Three days after receiving a citation for a highly negligent operation that resulted in death, Koss, a 35-year-old Dorset resident, released a statement on Friday night. In September, he was told to appear in court to face official charges.

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Williams’ motorbike was hit by Koss’ car on June 12 near Dorset, according to a Vermont State Police investigation, but Koss said he is “confident the facts will show I obeyed all relevant traffic laws, and the state’s charges are unwarranted.”

Williams, 71, of Manchester Center, New York, was declared deceased at the Albany Medical Center.

Both “Hair” and the TV show “Everwood” starred Richard Treat Williams. He played roles in more than 120 movies and television shows, including “Once Upon a Time in America,” “Prince of the City,” and “The Eagle Has Landed.”

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