A Trailer Runs Over And Kills A 19-year-old Man During The Watershed Festival At Gorge

During the Watershed country music festival, a boat trailer plowed over a 19-year-old Puyallup, Washington, man on Friday, killing him.

According to a Grant County Sheriff’s Office Facebook post, a guy from Roseburg, Oregon, was towing a wake-surfing boat at the Gorge campground while operating a Toyota Tundra.

According to the sheriff’s office, Carson Santos attempted to climb onto the tongue of the boat trailer while running next to it. He lost his balance, hit the ground, and was then run over by the trailer.

Santos was given medical attention by first responders, but he later passed away from his wounds at Central Washington Hospital. The sheriff’s office conducted an investigation into the incident, which it referred to as a “tragic accident,” with the driver and his passengers staying at the scene and cooperating.

The shooting at the Gorge campground in June left two people dead and three injured. The death follows that incident.

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According to court records, James M. Kelly, 26, started experiencing hallucinations after using mushrooms while at an electronic dance music festival on June 17 at the amphitheater and thought the world was ending before opening fire at the campground.

Police fired one gunshot at Kelly, who is currently being held on murder and assault charges.

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