Police Have Arrested A Man Suspected Of Setting Fire To His Girlfriend In Wisconsin

According to the Chicago police, the individual who is suspected of setting his girlfriend on fire in Wisconsin has been taken into custody in Chicago.

During an argument that took place on July 30 before 5 a.m. in the Village of Salem Lakes, Myron F. Bowie is accused of setting his girlfriend on fire. It is said that he threatened to kill not only her but also her children and the rest of her family before running away.

The sufferer, who had suffered severe burns, was rushed to a hospital in the area for treatment. As of this past Friday, she was still in critical condition but it is anticipated that she will pull through this.

Before they were able to catch Bowie, the police located his vehicle in the Chicago Heights neighborhood. He was arrested without causing any trouble for the officers.

“Bowie will remain in custody in Illinois pending extradition hearing in Cook County, IL,” the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department noted in a Facebook post.

During the time that the police were looking for the suspect, they issued a warning to the general public that they believed he was a threat.

The police had issued a warning in the past, stating that “Myron does have a felony warrant for his arrest and should be considered armed and dangerous.”

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According to the further statement, “the safety and security of our community is the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department’s top priority, and everything will be done to ensure this,”

The Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department is currently conducting a thorough investigation into the matter. At this time, there is no additional information that can be provided.

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