A US Couple Died at a Resort in Mexico That Was Known for Pushing People to Drink

A report claims that as part of one of the resort’s health programs, the Mexican luxury hotel where two American tourists were found dead on Tuesday actively encourages guests to become drunk.

As Bloomberg revealed in July of last year, just before the resort’s reopening, guests at Rancho Pescadero near Cabo San Lucas are treated to an open bar and told to drink up a succession of exotic liquors so the hotel can demonstrate the efficiency of its “Mayan hangover cure” the next day.

The bodies of Abby Lutz and John Heathco, both of whom identified themselves as “wellness junkies,” were discovered in their apartment on Tuesday; paramedics estimated that they had been dead for at least 10 hours.

The beachside resort, though, considers the practice a “cornerstone” of its wellness program. While drinking drinks, guests assist in cooking the dinner that would “cure” them the following day. “Of course, we plan to bookend the whole thing with more drinking,” hotel founder Liza Harper said to Bloomberg.

The tweet below verifies the news:

“The bartender is like our hotel doctor, they know just what to serve to make you feel better and not worse.” Guests are treated to pulque, a spirit created from agave (from which Tequila is distilled) and fermented pineapple rind.

“We’ll wake guests up at a considerate hour, somewhere post-nine o’clock,” Harper told Bloomberg. The five-star hotel promoted its medicinal herb garden via social media.

Additional articles from the California Examiner that you might find interesting are as follows:

“We’ll kindly come to their room with the very first phase of their cure, which will be one of the tinctures [made the night before], or something that would help them rise to the occasion.”

Lutz’s relative said that days before the pair, ages 28 and 41, were discovered in their bed, they had been hospitalized for what they thought was food poisoning.

“She said, it’s the sickest she’s ever been,” Lutz’s stepsister Gabby Slate claimed to CBS News. By Monday night, the couple had returned to the hotel and made their final calls.

If you want to stay abreast of current events in California, you should check back with the California Examiner.

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