Accused Virginia Man Blasts Law Enforcement Handling of 4-year-old Son’s Murder

The father of 4-year-old missing girl Codi Bigsby has been charged on murder and corpse tampering charges by a grand jury in Virginia.

Although Cory Bigsby, 43, claimed authorities he last saw his kid at a Norfolk apartment complex at 2 a.m. in February 2022, former Hampton authorities Department Chief Mark Talbot remarked at a press conference that Bigsby’s testimony was “not reliable.”

Amina Matheny-Willard, Bigsby’s lawyer, insists he is innocent.

“We maintain Cory Bigsby’s innocence and we are deeply, deeply disturbed by the unconstitutional and coercive actions taken by the Commonwealth through its agents at the Hampton Roads Regional Jail,” Matheny-Willard said in a statement to 13NEWSNOW.

She added that she “will be filing a federal lawsuit against the Hampton Roads Regional Jail at the conclusion of the criminal cases.”

WAVY-TV reported in July 2022 that Bigsby had been indicted on 30 counts of child abuse related to Codi and his three siblings. Since then, he’s been incarcerated.

According to two fresh indictments filed on June 5, Bigsby, an Army veteran, is suspected of killing his kid and then trying to hide the body.

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Codi, age 4, has been missing for quite some time and is now thought to be dead. On Saturday, after the additional accusations were made public, residents of Norfolk came together to hold a vigil for the missing boy.

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