Alabama Agency Completes Investigation Into Fatal Police Shot in Man’s Front Yard!

The investigation into the deadly police shooting of a man in his front yard following a confrontation with a tow truck driver has been concluded, according to the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency’s statement on Tuesday.

Although it did not provide any conclusions, the state agency did inform the district attorney for Morgan County that it had transferred its investigative file. The district attorney’s office did not promptly return a phone call.

Officers from Decatur escorted a tow truck driver back to the residence on September 29 after the driver reported being threatened by the homeowner while attempting to repossess a vehicle. The driver, Steve Perkins, 39, was fatally shot by police.

“Brandished the weapon towards an officer with the Decatur Police Department, causing the officer to fire at Perkins,” the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency stated in a September news release, adding that Perkins had a lit handgun.

Alabama Agency Shooting

According to the family attorney, Perkins was shot many times by police officers even though he seemed oblivious to their presence. According to a statement released by Perkins’s family, the Black man was challenging the attempt to tow the truck because his payments were current.

A neighbor’s home security camera caught the gunshot, and WAFF-TV released the footage. It seems like an officer or officers dash out from the side of the home. A voice yelling, “Police, get on the ground,” is followed by a barrage of gunshots fired in quick succession.

The city and others are being sued by Perkins’ family for wrongful death. In reaction to the incident, the city terminated the contracts of three police officers. The policemen are reportedly appealing their termination, according to news sources.

Protests in the city in north Alabama have been regular since the shooting death. “You could have knocked” and “We need answers” were among the slogans displayed by the protesters.

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