Amber Alert Ongoing: 2-Year-Old Girl Kidnapped by Mother’s Ex-Boyfriend in Lansing

The Amber Alert for missing Wynter Smith, age 2, has not been canceled. Smith was kidnapped early on Monday morning, July 3, from Lansing, but the hunt has moved to the Metro Detroit area.

Since we received the notice in the middle of the night, the story has been developing. Smith was supposedly in the company of Rashad Malik Trice, a 26-year-old Detroit native. The 2-year-old girl has not been seen since Trice was apprehended after a chase in St. Clair Shores on Monday morning.

Many people, including the girl’s grandma in Detroit, are praying for the best for the young girl. Sharen Eddings is praying that her granddaughter is well and that she can feel her presence wherever she is. “I feel like I’m there with her,” said Eddings.

Amber Alert Ongoing 2-Year-Old Girl Kidnapped by Mother's Ex-Boyfriend in Lansing

Eddings’ anxiety has been through the roof ever since she learned that the 2-year-old had been taken from Lansing by the mother’s ex-boyfriend, Trice. “We would like to hear more from his (Trice’s) parents,” Eddings said. “We don’t know if they’re up there. He’s not talking to the FBI. He refused to talk.”

Trice allegedly stabbed Smith’s mother before he abducted the toddler. “When he stabbed her, from what I understand from her sister, she was able to stab him back right, wound him back,” Eddings said. “That’s when he grabbed Wynter and threatened to harm her, and that’s when he left.”

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Trice was located by police while operating Wynter’s mother’s Chevrolet Impala. There was no indication of the 2-year-old when police in St. Clair Shores brought him into custody following the crash on Little Mack Avenue and 10 Mile Road. Eddings is keeping her fingers crossed that her grandchild will be located unharmed.

I went through something I’ve never felt before,” Eddings said. “I’ve lost people. I’ve grown up in Detroit. I’ve seen some stuff, but I’ve never had a child in danger. And so that was I can’t even explain it. My bones shook.” Eddings claims that her 2-year-old granddaughter’s location have been widely misreported.

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