Arrest Made in Waffle House Double Homicide

The suspect in the early Saturday morning double homicide at the Radcliff Waffle House has been apprehended. Radcliff Police Chief Jeff Cross said that on Monday afternoon, Rodshad Akeem Bowser-Highsmith, 33, was taken into custody at the Elizabethtown Police Department on an outstanding warrant.

Bowser-Highsmith faces charges of first-degree murder, first-degree robbery, and attempted murder, all of which she is allegedly complicit in committing. Cross said the police are aggressively searching for a second suspect and that he would not comment further until a second arrest had been made.

Carlos Devonne Bello, 30, and Shane Anthony Estrada, 18, both of Radcliff, have been identified as victims of gun violence that is suspected to have been committed by Bowser-Highsmith. The shooting occurred early Saturday morning, about 4 a.m.

The tweet below verifies the news:

Bowser-Highsmith was seen and heard on security camera discussing stealing a gun from one of the victims, though the citation does not indicate which one. The citation states that Bowser-Highsmith helped carry out the plan to steal the gun at 3:49, during which time Bello and Estrada were slain.

According to the citation, Bowser-Highsmith fired multiple shots at a car and at people leaving the Waffle House. Bowser-Highsmith “freely admitted to his involvement,” as stated in the aforementioned reference.

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