California Jogger Charged with Fatally Shooting Homeless Man Blocking Sidewalk

A California jogger, Craig Sumner Elliott, has been charged with voluntary manslaughter and a felony personal firearm use enhancement for allegedly shooting and killing a homeless man, Antonio Garcia Avalos, who was blocking the sidewalk.

The incident occurred on September 28, when Elliott, jogging with his dogs and pushing a cart, encountered Avalos sleeping on the sidewalk. Elliott allegedly tried to wake Avalos by nudging him with the pushcart, and when Avalos yelled at him to leave, Elliott, who was filming the encounter, reportedly pulled out a handgun from his cart.

When Avalos threw a shoe at Elliott, he ducked and shot Avalos three times. Avalos later died from his injuries. Elliott, who has an active concealed carry permit, was arrested on November 17 and released on $100,000 bail. If convicted on all counts, Elliott could face up to 21 years in prison.

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