Californian Man Uploaded A Facebook Video Of Himself Fatally Stabbing A Woman

Authorities claim that a guy killed a woman with a knife in the San Francisco Bay Area on Wednesday and then uploaded a video of the murder to Facebook.

The horrifying video assisted authorities in finding the perpetrator, subsequently identified as Mark Mechikoff, 39. He was taken into custody around 30 miles south of the San Mateo apartment building where the victim’s body was discovered.

While the reason for the victim’s stabbing is still being looked into, Mechikoff is known to have cruelly recorded the victim’s final moments, uploaded the video to Facebook, and then fled the scene, according to San Mateo police.

Claribel Estrella was the victim, according to the prosecution. Mechikoff was charged by the San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office on Friday with a single count of murder with additional charges for causing serious bodily harm and using a knife.

A lawyer will be chosen to defend him at his arraignment, which is planned for Friday afternoon, according to DA Stephen Wagstaffe in an email.

Additional inquiries from San Mateo police, including what kind of Facebook page Mechikoff submitted the video to, if it has since been taken down, and what the clip showed, were forwarded to the district attorney’s office, which did not immediately answer.

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A caller who claimed to have seen the Facebook video first called the Nye County Sheriff’s Office in Nevada to report the stabbing. When the sheriff’s office “pinged” the phone number linked to the Facebook page, they were able to locate it as belonging to a sizable San Mateo apartment building.

Nearly three hours later, inside a unit, Estrella was discovered by local police after going door to door. Mechikoff allegedly knew her, although the police have not said how.

Two hours later, Mechikoff was detained in San Jose on homicide charges.

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