California’s Insane Green Energy Policies Might Ruin Trucking Industry – Here is How

Attorneys General File Lawsuit Against Biden Administration Over Truck Emissions Standards

A group of 19 state attorneys general, including Iowa’s attorney general, have filed a lawsuit against President Joe Biden and his administration over truck emissions standards.

They argue that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and California do not have the legal authority to enforce their climate-change policies on truckers. The attorneys general claim that the regulations will harm the trucking industry and put jobs at risk.

In March, the EPA granted California a waiver to implement its own set of truck emissions standards, which go beyond the national regulations and effectively ban the sale of gas or diesel trucks. California’s ban requires a significant percentage of delivery vans, buses, and larger trucks to be fully electric by 2035, with a complete ban on gas and diesel trucks by 2045.

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The attorneys general argue that California’s radical climate-change agenda influences the entire trucking industry since other states are forced to comply with its zero-emissions standards to remain competitive. They contend that the Clean Air Act provision used to justify the EPA’s waiver is unconstitutional and violates the principle of equal sovereignty among states.

The lawsuit aims to halt the implementation of California’s truck ban, citing concerns about charging infrastructure in rural areas, the shorter range and longer charging time of electric trucks, and the overall impact on the trucking industry, which is already facing challenges such as rising costs and driver shortages.

The attorneys general assert that the expensive regulations could lead to job cuts and other detrimental consequences for the trucking industry. They are urging the court to reject the Biden administration’s climate agenda and protect the interests of truckers and the industry as a whole.

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