Dad Who Disappeared After Car Ran Out of Petrol Discovered Dead a Week Later

Police said that a man’s body was found in a marsh in upstate New York a week after his car ran out of gas.

A news release from the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office says that the man, a 35-year-old father of two, was driving with a friend on a logging trail near Cuddebackville on March 31 when their car stopped.

Police say the two broke up, and the man got lost in the nearby woods. Later, his friend told the police that he was missing.

Helicopters, Drones, ATVs, UTVs, and Dog Teams Were All Sent Out to Help Find the Man

Police said that a large rescue effort, led by the New York State Forest Rangers and helped by groups from three states, had begun. To help find the man, a helicopter, drones, ATVs, UTVS, and dog teams were all sent out.

Police said that on April 7, rescuers went to a “search grid” in a marsh where the man’s phone could have been.

While they were there, they saw a body in “heavy vegetation.” To get to it, they used chainsaws to cut through the weeds.

The State Police Forensic Investigation Unit went to the scene to make sure that the body was that of the missing man.

Sheriff Mike Schiff said in the news release, “This is a very sad time for the family.” “They stayed at the scene patiently the whole time, hoping to hear something. Sadly, it ended in a tragic way.”

Police said that the man’s body was taken to a morgue for an autopsy.

McClatchy News asked the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office for comment, but a representative did not answer right away.

“This is not the outcome we wanted nor expected,” the man’s sister wrote in a Facebook post. “We want to thank everyone for the support and prayers they’ve already shown us through this difficult journey.”

About 90 miles northwest of New York City is a small town called Cuddebackville.

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