DV Lottery 2024 Registration: Who Can Enter The Lottery?

Applications are now being accepted for DV Lottery 2024 Registration Program by the US Department of State (DV-2024). For inhabitants of nations with historically low immigration rates to the United States, the yearly lottery offers a special route to permanent residence.

DV Lottery 2024 Registration: Detailed Instructions

Businesses may want to inform qualified workers of this possibility, as obtaining one of the 55,000 immigrant visas (also known as “green cards”) available offers a relatively quick and affordable route to permanent residence. Even while it’s a good opportunity for planning, you should be aware that millions of individuals apply every year.

Businesses shouldn’t omit comprehensive employment- or family-based permanent residency planning in favour of playing the lottery.

You can find detailed instructions for the DV-2024 Program on the website of the Department of State:


No Charge To Enter The DV Lottery

The lottery is open to participants who are currently residing inside or outside the United States. There is no charge to enter the lottery, but if a candidate is chosen, they must pay any fees associated with applying for an immigrant visa or changing their status (depending on whether the applicant is inside or outside of the U.S.).

No Charge To Enter The DV Lottery
No Charge To Enter The DV Lottery

Participants must have completed two years of employment within the last five years in an occupation requiring at least two years of experience or training, or have the equivalent of a high school education (correspondence programmes or equivalency certifications like the G.E.D. are not accepted). Please refer to the Department of State’s recommendations on qualified jobs for more details on how to determine whether a profession satisfies this requirement:


Which Country’s Nationls Can’t Apply?

Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, China (including Hong Kong SAR), Colombia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Haiti, Honduras, India, Jamaica, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Republic of Korea (South Korea), United Kingdom (except Northern Ireland) and its dependent territories, Venezuela, and Vietnam nationals are not eligible to apply for the DV-2024 Program due to their high rates of immigration to the United States in recent years.

Taiwanese and Macau SAR residents who were born are eligible. But, take notice that in some circumstances, a person may claim the place of birth of a spouse or parent who was born in one of the eligible nations and submit an application. For a breakdown of these provisions, please check the Department of State’s guidelines (see link above).

The DV-2024 Program admission process is straightforward and does not call for legal counsel. Individuals and their families will be able to go forward independently if they follow the Department of State instructions (see the link above).

At dvprogram.state.gov, entries must be submitted electronically. Paper entries cannot be submitted. Applications will be accepted until 12 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on Tuesday, November 8, 2022, during the current application period. Submissions received after this application deadline will be disqualified.

There may be website delays or inaccessibility during the final week of the registration session due to high demand. A digital photo of each family member and the application must be sent (separate photos for each). The entry will be invalidated if the images don’t follow the guidelines on the Department of State website.

Throughout the application period, each candidate may only submit one entry. Several entries for any one person will reject all of that person’s DV-2024 Program applications (although otherwise eligible individuals may submit compliant applications in future years).

After submitting their application, participants will get a confirmation page with a special confirmation number. The confirmation page and particular confirmation number must be kept safe in order to utilise the online status check system. Notifications from the Department of State won’t be sent via mail or email.

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