Family Seeks Answers After Fatal Police Shooting Kills Man in Columbus, Ohio

Renatta Lindsey is searching for answers following the fatal shooting of her brother, Antwan Lindsey, by law enforcement in Columbus, Ohio. The incident occurred on Saturday night and involved an exchange of gunfire between Antwan and a Franklin County sheriff’s deputy and Columbus police officers.

The shooting took place around 8 p.m. in the 3100 block of East Livingston Avenue, near James Road. According to law enforcement reports, the incident began when a man approached a Franklin County deputy stationed at a Walgreens and alerted the deputy about Antwan, who was allegedly after him and had fired gunshots.

Antwan Lindsey then sought refuge in a nearby apartment building at Bexley Commons. Shots were exchanged between him and multiple Columbus officers. Unfortunately, Antwan succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead at OhioHealth Grant Medical Center later that evening.

Renatta Lindsey, speaking to The Dispatch, described her brother’s death as devastating for their family. Antwan had faced numerous challenges in life, including multiple surgeries for medical issues with one of his legs. He had also experienced a serious car accident as a child, resulting in physical and mental scars that he had bravely learned to live with.

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Despite these difficulties, Antwan maintained a positive attitude and was loved by his family and four children. He had been actively searching for employment and had even asked Renatta to review his resume. In fact, he had texted his mother earlier that week, expressing his gratitude and feeling blessed.

While Antwan had prior encounters with law enforcement, including arrests for drug possession, receiving stolen property, and traffic violations, Renatta emphasized that he had a respectful fear of the police. She finds it difficult to comprehend the circumstances that led to the shooting, as Antwan had never displayed violent tendencies.

Authorities have released partial footage from the body cameras worn by the officers involved, although the faces have been blurred for privacy reasons under Marsy’s Law. Renatta is anxiously awaiting the full footage in hopes of finding answers to her questions.

She wants to understand whether her brother was defending himself or someone else, whether he actually fled from the police or was hindered by his leg injuries, and what events transpired leading up to the tragic moment.

Renatta and her family are seeking closure and a clearer understanding of the circumstances surrounding Antwan’s death.

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