Harnett County House Fire Kills Couple, Family Friend, and Two Boys

Multiple people have died in a house fire in Harnett County, and the fire department is on the scene. Authorities in Harnett County have said that at least five individuals perished in the blaze. Camp Ground Lane, Broadway, North Carolina, is home to the address in question.

Names and ages of individuals who perished in the blaze:

  • Michael Breymeyer, 74
  • Tammy Breymeyer, 58
  • Daniel Garner, 39
  • Two young boys, sons of Daniel Garner

The homeowners, Michael and Tammy Breymeyer, were a married couple. According to the sheriff’s office, Daniel Garner was a friend of the family who had been residing with them.

Kayla Gonzales, who has a job in the area, said that she heard sirens on Sunday morning. Earlier in the day, “we started getting text messages and heard the sirens and it sounded serious,” she claimed.

The tweet below verifies the news:

Gonzalez said the neighborhood was very tight-knit, and she personally knew one of the fatalities.

Ms.Tammy frequents this establishment. When someone needed her, she was always there.” Gonzalez remarked, “She was always upbeat and optimistic about the future.”

She noted that a loss of this size would be felt particularly keenly in a community where most people are acquainted with one another.

If you want to know more about current happenings in the United States, you should read this article from the California Examiner:

It’s unbelievable. I don’t know if I can put it into words. It was totally out of the blue. “Time is very limited and life is priceless,” Gonzalez remarked.

Chopper 11 footage clearly shows total destruction of the home. Since the inquiry is still in its infancy, the sheriff’s office has declined to provide any further information.

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