Heartbreaking Murder-suicide Claims Lives of Father and Young Son in New Bedford

The Bristol County District Attorney has classified the deaths of an 8-year-old boy and his father as a murder-suicide. According to the District Attorney’s Office, authorities responded to a well-being check at a residence on Phillips Road at 8 a.m. Dante Hazard, 8, and his father, 54-year-old George C.

Scott III, were found dead inside the house. Two people had been occupying the house. “Mr. Scott appears to have killed the boy with a sharp object before taking his own life.

We are awaiting the medical examiner’s confirmation of these and other details,” the DA’s office said in a prepared statement. Scott is a possible suspect in the 2019 disappearance of Lisa Hazard, who was last seen in the house.

The news can be confirmed by the tweet below:

They are mother and son. According to the district attorney’s office, detectives searched the residence about 2.5 weeks ago in relation with Hazard’s disappearance.

“He was a person of interest in this case. He reported her missing in April 2019 — one month after she went missing,” said Bristol County District Attorney Thomas Quinn III.  Scott is the son of George “Boomer” Scott, a former Red Sox player.

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