Houston Cops Confirm Rudy Farias Has Not Been Missing for 8 Years

At a news conference on Thursday, July 6, investigators with the Houston Police Department determined that Rudolph “Rudy” Farias had not been missing for eight years and had been living with his mother the entire time.

Reporters were told by Lt. Christopher Zamora that during the eight years, police had many “interactions” with Farias, including visits to his home, but that both Farias and his mother, Janie Santana, gave bogus names to police.

However, at this time, the district attorney has decided not to press charges related to the fraudulent reports. Even though Houston activist Quanell X was present when detectives spoke to Farias, Zamora informed reporters that they did not hear any reports of s*xual abuse.

Chief Troy Finner insisted he wasn’t labeling Quanell X a liar, but he also wouldn’t discuss the activist’s charges any further. The probe is still ongoing, according to Zamora.

Rudy Farias’ alleged 8-year disappearance debunked by Houston Police, according to @people:

#MissingPersonCase #Update”

After his mother reported him missing on March 7, 2015, Zamora stated Farias showed up at their house on March 8. Throughout the press conference, Finner avoided labeling Farias a victim, instead calling him a “potential victim.”

Reporters questioned police about why they weren’t following up on leads now that they knew Finner was safe at home; Finner explained that he was legally an adult because of his age.

The investigators’ refusal to comment on other allegations of assault raises further doubts about the nature of the occurrence. According to Zamora, Farias, who is now 25, has returned to live with his mother and is in good hands there.

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Rudolph “Rudy” Farias, a Houston man, has been missing for eight years; now, an activist claims that Farias’ mother has been hiding him. Houston activist Quanell X told Houston station KTRK that Farias claimed his mother s*xually abused and drugged him for eight years.

This information came from Farias’s conversation with X and a missing persons investigation with the Houston Police Department. “That boy needs to go to the best drug rehab and best psychological, mental health facility we can find for him. He’s a good kid. That kid was just severely abused,” Quanell X told KTRK.

At the age of seventeen, Farias disappeared while out walking his dogs, according to his mother’s missing person’s report. On Saturday, July 1, Farias was discovered near a church. After his mother reported him missing, Quanell X alleged that Farias told him he ran away and returned two days later.

Houston Cops Confirm Rudy Farias Has Not Been Missing for 8 Years (1)

Farias claims his mother forbade him from leaving the house because he would be in trouble with the police if they discovered he had run away. The fresh charges surface only a few days after neighbors told KTRK that Farias, who they knew as “Dolph,” would hang out with them on a regular basis. Someone else in the neighborhood said they occasionally saw Farias leave the residence.

Farias, now 25, told KTRK reporter Quanell X that his mother drugged and sexually abused him when he was younger, but he was too terrified to report it. “She had convinced him that all types of agencies were looking for him to put him in jail,” Quanell X told KTRK.

Farias revealed to Quanell X that he had finally had it with his mother, so he grabbed her credit card and went. At a later time, he would be located in the church’s main plaza. “His exact words were, ‘I was tired of living like a slave,'” Quanell X told KTRK.

Police in Houston issued a statement on Twitter on July 5 in which they refused to corroborate Quanell X’s allegations or the specifics of his interview with investigators.

The mother is also cooperating with the investigation. The Houston Police Department will host a press conference on Thursday at 11 a.m.

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