I Am Legend 2 Release Date: Is There A Trailer For It?

I Am Legend, starring Will Smith and based on the Richard Matheson novel, was one of the largest movies to come out in 2007 and earned $585 million worldwide.

Given I Am Legend’s commercial success, it’s odd that the horror film, in which Will Smith’s Dr. Robert Neville fought zombie-like vampires known as Darkseekers, never received a sequel—until now, that is. Yes, circumstances have changed since the 2000s, and the suits in Hollywood have now approved a sequel several years after the initial screening of the first movie.

Therefore, we’ve compiled all the information you need to know about one of the most exciting new films coming our way, ahead of Will Smith’s big vampire movie comeback. We’ve covered everything, including the cast, plot, release date, and more, for I Am Legend 2.

The Potential Release Date for I Am Legend 2

I Am Legend 2 hasn’t yet been given a release date, although it is currently in production and is most likely to appear in 2026.

I Am Legend 2 was announced to be in the works in February 2023, however the 2023 Writers Strike has caused a delay in the production of the impending action film. The action has forced screenwriter Akiva Goldsman to stop writing the script, but he is still working on it.

I Am Legend 2 Release Date: Is There A Trailer For It?

Filming cannot begin without a script, so it will be some time before we see Smith back on the big screen again. As we update this guide with the most recent scheduling information, keep an eye on it.

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I Am Legend 2 Potential Cast

I mean, we obviously couldn’t have an I Am Legend movie without Will Smith playing the starring role? Yes, you read that correctly. Will Smith will return as the military scientist Robert Neville in I Am Legend 2.

The I Am Legend 2 cast list is currently somewhat sparse, but we do know that Michael B. Jordan, who starred in Creed, has also been hired for an unspecified role. Thrilling times! Although it hasn’t been announced yet, we are hoping that Alice Braga will be one of the new actors joining the cast of I Am Legend 2 and reprise her role as Anna.

The I Am Legend 2 cast is listed below:

  • Robert Neville, played by Will Smith
  • B. Michael Jordan

When the 2023 Writers Strike is over and I Am Legend 2 production resumes, we will undoubtedly learn more about the cast. So, keep checking for updates.

Is there a Trailer for I Am Legend 2?

We apologize to everyone; there is currently no I Am Legend 2 trailer and we do not anticipate having one until 2026.

We don’t yet have any fresh footage to look forward to because filming hasn’t started. There is enough to keep us entertained till the first teaser, so don’t worry.

Fans of the popular thriller film I Am Legend may see a ton of thrilling making-of videos for the film on YouTube. Here is one of our favorite videos that demonstrates how Manhattan was transformed into a wasteland for the 2007 film.

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