Super Mario Bros. Wonder: Release Date…. When will it Premiered?

The upcoming 2D Mario game, Super Mario Bros. Wonder, promises a fresh take on the tried-and-true side-scrolling action of previous Mario games. Everything you need to know about the next 2D Mario game is right here.

Fans of all ages flock to Mario games. This is especially true of the original 2D Mario side-scroller, which many veteran gamers first experienced. Since Nintendo’s last 2D Mario game, 2012’s Super Mario Bros., was released, Nintendo has been under pressure to unveil a new 2D Mario game.

A New Mario game coming out in 2023; the working title: is Super Mario Bros. Wonder. This article contains all the data we know on the new 2D Mario game.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder: Release Date

The official release date for Super Mario Bros. Wonder is set for October 20, 2023. During the Nintendo Direct presentation on June 21, 2023, this was confirmed to be a part of the trailer.

Super Mario Wonder Release Date

Super Mario Bros. Wonder: Platforms

The Switch will be the only platform to play Super Mario Bros. Wonder when it launches on March 22. Obviously, you won’t be able to play it on the PS5 or Xbox Series X|S.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder: Trailers

Debut trailer (Nintendo Direct, June 6)
During a Nintendo Direct event on June 6, 2023, the first official gameplay footage for Super Mario Bros. Wonder was unveiled. The preview is embedded below, or you can click here to watch it:

YouTube video

Super Mario Wonder Direct

New information on the Mario side-scroller Super Mario Wonder was revealed in a mini-Direct on August 8, 2023. New playable characters, as well as new tools, were all shown off in the trailer.

Readers can watch the Direct below or follow this link:

YouTube video

Super Mario Bros. Wonder: Gameplay

Super Mario Bros. Wonder will return the series back to its 2D roots. There will be challenging platforming sequences throughout the levels that will call for quick thinking and even quicker reflexes.

When attempting to complete the platforming levels, you will also face difficult foes. Hoppycats, Melon Piranha Plants, Condarts, Konks, and many more are just some of the new adversaries you’ll face on this adventure. Finally, along your adventure, you’ll find power-ups that, depending on what they are, will grant you a variety of bonuses.

New power-ups, including as the Elephan Fruit, Bubble Flower, and Drill Mushroom, give Mario and his pals new skills that they can use to unlock hidden areas and overcome previously insurmountable challenges.

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