Keeping Your Fryer Clean: How MirOil Products Extend Oil Life and Improve Efficiency

While many fry cooks rely on oil colour as a quality indicator, this is not always the case. When heated, different oils develop distinctive shades of darkness. Palm oil, for instance, is well-known for its rapid darkening, but other oils can take much longer.

Oils used in deep fryers degrade at an alarming rate because of the high heat to which they are exposed. At 180/185 degrees Celsius, oil degrades at an accelerated rate, whereas temperatures up to 165/170 degrees Celsius are still manageable.

The breakdown of oil molecules into free fatty acids (FFAs) is an early sign of degradation. The quality of the food you fry in a deep fryer will suffer because of the FFAs in the oil.

Since the price of deep fryer cooking oils continues to rise, it’s time to look elsewhere for a solution. By transferring heat from the oil to the food at a lower temperature, we may enhance the heat transfer coefficient and slow down the pace of deterioration that contributes to your high oil usage and subsequent waste.

MirOil products for sale are the perfect solution to the problem of both higher oil prices and the need for maintaining oil quality, because these products extend the life of your oil, allowing you to produce great tasting food that your customers will love while reducing your overall costs.

How MirOil products improve your fryer oil and the taste of your food

Your oil supplier provides you with fryer frying oil that has been treated with an antioxidant to keep it from turning rancid. When the oil is utilised for the first time and heated to a temperature of +/- 150 degrees Celsius or more, the antioxidants are boiled out.

Antioxidants in MirOil FryLiquid and MirOil FryPowder remain active in frying oil at temperatures up to 180 °C. If you utilise the MirOil plan, your deep fryer oil will last longer before turning rancid.

The fry oil powder known as MirOil FryPowder is absolutely safe for consumption. Unlike other fry powders, it does not adhere to the food while it cooks and can be left in the fryer oil without filtering.

The soap and surfactants in your deep fryer oil, as well as the buildup of carbon deposits on the fryer walls, can cause boil outs and be prevented using either MirOil FryLiquid or MirOil FryPowder. MirOil FryPowder can also be used to help filter your deep fryer oil and get rid of any leftover debris.

In fact, one necessary component of good, long-lasting fry oil quality is to eliminate the surfactants and soaps as soon as possible when they are formed in your fryer oils, which can be achieved by using MirOil products for sale.

When added to the fryer oil, these citric acid-treated, surface-active absorbents soak up the soaps and detergents. You keep cooking all day long, so this keeps happening.

By regulating the oil and reducing its absorption into the food, you get a superior final product and a longer fryer oil lifespan, which saves money over frequent oil changes.


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