Liquid Death Iced Tea: How Is The Taste Of It?

In the specialized market of tallboy cans of Liquid Death Iced Tea, there is truly just one dominant name, and that name is Arizona. This has been the case for many years. Nevertheless, there is now a new competitor to the cult-favorite tea titan that is cherished by hypebeasts all over the world, and that competitor is the internet water brand known as Liquid Death.

On Wednesday, Liquid Death made the announcement of its first product that is not water with a commercial that was directed by none other than the creator of Jackass, Jeff Tremaine. The commercial features a group of boisterous grandmothers engaging in pranks similar to those seen on Jackass.

Liquid Death Iced Tea: What Does It Contain?

The new collection features three different kinds of tea, all of which have names that are appropriately heavy metal and are packaged in the brand’s now-iconic 19.2-ounce cans. There is the Armless Palmer, which is a twist on the traditional Arnold Palmer; the Grim Leafer, which is a mildly sweetened Earl Grey; and the Rest in Peach, which is a black tea that tastes a lot like Haribo’s gummy peach rings.

All of these drinks are based on Arnold Palmer. A “microdose” of caffeine in the amount of 30 milligrams is included in each one, and the can claims that it has the equivalent of one hundred percent of the daily value for vitamins B6 and B12. Agave nectar is also added for a touch of added sweetness.

For the benefit of those who are not familiar with Liquid Death, the company began operations in 2017 with a sole offering, which consisted of tallboy aluminum cans filled with water that originated in the Austrian Alps.

Liquid Death Iced Tea was marketed as a substitute for both alcoholic beverages and energy drinks, the former catering to athletes such as skateboarders and BMX bikers, and the latter catering to people who wanted something non-alcoholic to drink at a bar or a concert.

And contrary to the forecasts of those who thought the brand was nothing more than a stupid fad, Liquid Death revealed itself to be an unstoppable juggernaut in the water sector. It began as a meme but has now evolved into a big player, with a current valuation of over 700 million dollars.

It is now in a position to seriously compete with beverage industry titans like as Arizona, which had a valuation of over 2 billion dollars in 2014.

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The new cans of Liquid Death tea, which are bright gold in color, make the bold claim that the beverage would “kill your thirst and turn its insides into balloon creatures to book at children’s birthday celebrations.

But in spite of what could be construed as childish marketing, the teas are well-positioned to follow in the footsteps of the water that came before them. This water is now stocked at major retailers such as Whole Foods and 7-Eleven, and the reason for this is that, just like the water, the teas are actually quite tasty.

Liquid Death Iced Tea: What Does It Contain?
Liquid Death Iced Tea: What Does It Contain?

The canned teas have a flavor that is somewhat reminiscent of an adult version of the Arizona cans that many people, including me, used to down by the case. But in Liquid Death’s version, there is only a hint of sweetness, just enough to tamp down the tannins in the tea, and a tiny bit of caffeine to help you power through a meeting now that a full can of Red Bull makes you too jittery.

In other words, Liquid Death’s version is perfect for you if you can’t handle the jitteriness that comes from drinking Red Bull. You shouldn’t be fooled by the extreme and gothic branding; these teas are absolutely suitable even for the most uninteresting and unremarkable of us.

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