Are Luca and Gemma Still Together? Love Island’s Gemma Owen Addresses Luca Bish Reconciliation Rumors

Gemma Owen and Luca Bish, who were both in the top three for Love Island 2022, broke up at the end of 2018. They both posted on Instagram stories that they were going their different ways.

Fans of the couple jumped on the idea that Luca was dumped instead of it being a friendly breakup. But two weeks later, Luca said that the split made him a better person. But TikTok is now sure that Gemma Owen and Luca Bish are getting back together and rekindling their love. Here is a list of all the proof we have so far:

Gemma Ran a Five-second TikTok and Fans Are Spiraling

Are Luca and Gemma Still Together

Last night, Gemma did something that made Lemma fans even more angry. She put up a video of herself lip-syncing in a car to the song “I like this man so much, now we’re Working on my attitude.” What?” Gemma can be seen back in her Bentley, being driven around by someone else. “Luca Bish Bentley,” which is a classic, was the linked search on TikTok.

Followers were trying to figure out who this man was and if it was about Luca Bish by reading the comments.

Fans were making wild claims in the comments section that the two were back together. They were so involved it’s crazy.

It Seems That Luca and Gemma Have Been Seen Together Lately

Someone said on TikTok that the two were in a picture together, but if you try to find the picture, you won’t be able to because it doesn’t exist.

People are making their own TikTok movies that say Gemma and Luca are back together, which is just spreading more lies.

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Are Gemma Owen and Luca Bish Still Together?

Gemma put an end to all rumors last night by telling one person, “Sorry, but this isn’t true.” Now we know it straight from the horse’s mouth.

The post below confirms Gemma and Luca’s break-up:

They are not back together, and Gemma Owen is just living her normal, humble life, which includes being driven around in her Bentley and thinking about boys. Now, can the fans of Lemma take a break?

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