Kinston Police Arrest Suspect in Attempted M*rder of First Responder in Crossfire Incident

A suspect has been apprehended and charged with attempted m*rder in connection with Sunday’s shooting of a first responder caught in the crossfire in Kinston. The Kinston police department announced the arrest of 23-year-old Brennan Dijuon Hill on the following charges:

• 5 counts – Attempted First Degree M*rder
• Assault with a deadly we@pon with intent to kill inflicting serious injury
• 3 counts – assault with a de@dly we@pon on an Emergency Person

Hill was taken before a magistrate and subsequently locked up in the Lenoir County Jail without bail. Chief Keith Goyette of the Kinston Police Department has announced that he expects the arrest of further people. Monday afternoon’s news briefing provided additional context.

Director of Emergency Services for Lenoir County, North Carolina, Murry Stroud, together with Goyette, fielded inquiries and offered updates. A paramedic from Lenoir County Emergency Services was dispatched to the Jack Rountree Apartments on Sunday.

A vehicle reportedly rammed into the front of an EMS truck in Kinston while paramedics were loading a patient inside. Someone exited the vehicle and began firing shots. The suspect’s vehicle, a gray Toyota Sedan, was reportedly heading east on Marilyn Drive when they spotted a white car approaching the ambulance from the westbound lane.

The news can be confirmed by the tweet below:

The suspect vehicle and the white vehicle collided into the EMS vehicle after the passenger in the gray sedan opened fire on the white car as they passed each other. Police in Kinston claim the medic was hit in the gunfire and injured in the upper body and arm.

On Monday afternoon, after being treated at ECU Health in Greenville, she was released. Police stated that the EMT’s identity was being concealed for operational reasons. In addition to another Lenoir County EMS unit, the site was reportedly aided by the Lenoir County Sheriff’s Office and the North Carolina State Highway Patrol.

Initially, the white car’s occupants and driver fled the scene, but the white car’s driver later returned. The suspect’s car, a gray one, sped away from the scene. KPD had footage of the car and the cr@sh within an hour. According to Goyette, the police were able to immediately determine the residence of the vehicle and its likely owner.

As the police approached the house, they saw another car pull out of the driveway. Two guys were found to have firearms in their vehicle when it was stopped. While police obtained a search warrant for the residence, they detained those two individuals and brought them in for interrogation. Inside, they found two more we@pons.

The Violent Criminal Action Team of the Kinston Police Department was successful in obtaining warrants for the suspect riding a shotgun in the gray vehicle on Monday morning. The parents of the passenger in the gray vehicle drove their son to the station, where he was arr*sted and charged with being the shooter.

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Because the EMS worker and other EMS workers were caught in the crossfire while the suspect was shooting at the white vehicle, Goyette said the defendant was charged with five counts of attempted m*rder. Stroud claims that on Sunday night, officials in Lenoir County contacted the North Carolina Office of Emergency Medical Services to request an ambulance strike team.

This team consisted of numerous ambulances from other counties and helped cover EMS calls in Lenoir County until Monday morning at 7 a.m. Bridgeton EMS, Carolina East EMS, Greene County EMS, Wayne County EMS, and Jones County EMS were the additional EMS agencies involved.

That gave the EMS personnel in Lenoir County a chance to regroup, debrief, and think about what had transpired. The Western Carteret Fire Department sent a de-briefing team to the scene to facilitate a critical defusing, talk to the crew, and let them digest what they saw.

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