Memorial Day Weekend Shootings K!lled 16 and Injured Hundreds

Over the Memorial Day weekend, at least 16 people were shot and k!lled, and dozens more were hurt.

At least eight states had beaches, high schools, and motorcycle parades where guns were used to hurt people. People in their 60s to people in their teens were k!lled.

The weekend ended the same way it started: with shots being fired. Nine people were hurt in a shooting in Hollywood Beach, Florida, on Monday evening, as people celebrating the holiday gathered along the Atlantic coast north of Miami.

Police said that the violence started when two groups got into a fight. All nine people who were hurt were taken to the hospital, and their conditions are unknown. It is possible that some of the people who were hurt were children. Hollywood police spokeswoman Deanna Bettineschi said at a news conference at night that a person of interest had been arrested and a suspect was being looked for.

NBC Chicago said that Telemundo Chicago cameras caught a fight between two groups of people on Chicago’s North Avenue Beach on Friday afternoon. This was one of the first reports of gun violence over the holiday weekend. During the fight, shots were fired, but no one was hurt.

Even though no one was hurt in the shooting on Friday, NBC Chicago says that over the long weekend, more than eight people were killed and at least 32 others were hurt in shootings in Chicago.

All over the rest of the U.S., there were reports of killings, but the total number doesn’t seem too high for a holiday weekend. A Pew Research Center study found that there are about 57 gun-related murders per day on average in the U.S.

Officials told NBC News that a fight between two guys in Baltimore around 3:30 p.m. Friday led to gunfire that hurt five people.

The names of the five people who were hit have not been made public. Police Commissioner Michael Harrison said that the people who were hurt were not in danger of dying. WBAL, an NBC affiliate, said that police are looking for the shooter.

In Mesa, Arizona, police arrested 20-year-old Iren Byers in connection with several shootings that happened between Friday afternoon and early Saturday morning, police said in a news statement. Police say that Byers killed four people and hurt one other person. It wasn’t clear right away if he had hired a lawyer who could be asked for their opinion.

Detective Brandi George, a Mesa police spokeswoman, said that the 36-year-old woman who was hurt in the accident was stable and would need surgery for major injuries.

A news statement said that Byers was arrested on four counts of first-degree murder and one count of trying to commit first-degree murder. The statement said that he was being held without bail.

On Saturday, shots were heard at the Roxbury Lanes Casino in Seattle, so cops were sent there. KOMO-TV said that three people were hurt, but it wasn’t clear right away how bad their injuries were. As of Monday morning, the police had not yet caught a suspect.

At a motorcycle gathering on Saturday night in Red River, New Mexico, three people were killed and five others were hurt, including the suspect. The suspect was also hurt. Anthony Silva, 26, from Los Lunas, Randy Sanchez, 46, from Albuquerque, and Damian Breaux, 46, from Socorro, were all found dead on Sunday.

The suspect was named by police as Jacob David Castillo, who is 30 years old and from Rio Rancho. Castillo was hurt and taken to the hospital. When he gets out of jail, he will be taken to the Taos County Detention Center, the cops said. Castillo could not be reached right away to get his opinion.

At Hot Restaurant and Lounge in Garden Grove, California, on Saturday night, three people were shot, and two of them were hurt very badly. Garden Grove Police Sgt. Nick Jensen told NBC Los Angeles that the gunman got into a fight before he started shooting.

“There was some kind of fight, so it wasn’t just someone walking in off the street,” Jensen said. “The suspect took out a gun and shot three people.”

People at the bar held the man until the police came. Even though the suspect was taken into custody at first, it wasn’t clear right away if he had been caught and charged. Neither the suspect nor the people who were hurt have been named by the police.

The tweet below verifies the news:

In Atlanta early on Sunday, a teen was shot and died, and another was hurt, at “an unauthorized gathering” at Benjamin E. Mays High School, according to a statement from Atlanta Public Schools.

At about 2:30 a.m. ET on Sunday, police were called to the high school where they found a 16-year-old girl and a 16-year-old boy who had both been shot. She died in the end. The boy was taken to a hospital nearby, where he was found to be okay.

WXIA, an NBC station, said that the dead person was named Breasia Powell by officials. When asked for a statement, the Fulton County medical examiner did not respond right away.

At 11:45 a.m. ET on Sunday, a shooting on a Green Line train at the Navy Yard stop in Washington, D.C., killed one person. The Metro Transit Police wrote a tweet.

The following sources provide the most reliable reporting on the latest California news:

“Unfortunately, the adult male victim was pronounced dead at the scene, despite efforts to save his life,” transit police said.

Assistant Washington Police Chief Andre Wright said that the shooter and the person who was shot got into a fight on the train. Wright said that “multiple gunshot wounds” were found on the man’s upper body.

If you’re looking for information on crimes committed in California or the surrounding states, the California Examiner is the publication for you.

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