A Three-year-old Was One of the Alleged “Victims” of Lauren Boebert’s Son’s Crime Spree!

Highly-Enhanced MAGA The Daily Beast has obtained a police incident description that states Rep. Lauren Boebert’s son went on a recent crime spree and harmed four people, including a youngster and an elderly person.

In Rifle, Colorado, new father Tyler Boebert is currently facing 22 counts related to a series of suspected thefts and vehicle break-ins. He was detained on Tuesday. The Rifle PD announced in a statement that he was apprehended at approximately 2:30 p.m. The town of 10,000 is located in Tyler’s mom’s current congressional district, which is Colorado’s 3rd.

According to what is shown in the incident summary, three further individuals were apprehended on suspicion of being accomplices. Their identities have been concealed due to the fact that all three are minors. On the other hand, a guy with the age of 16, a white female with the age of 16, and a female with the age of 17 are all listed.

In addition to having their names and racial identities removed, the incident report lists six victims. From the youngest to the oldest, the ages range from 3 to 64. The remainder, as stated in the synopsis, are between the ages of 18 and 32.

Little is known about the precise items and types of identification that Boebert is said to have taken. The incident narrative mentions one “victim vehicle”—a 2008 Kia Sorento, a gold vehicle with Colorado license plates. According to an email from a Rifle PD spokesman, the investigation is still underway and the incident report and associated affidavit are not yet ready for public release.

Lauren Boebert’s Son’s Alleged Crime Spree

A total of eight counts were levied against the juvenile: four counts of felony possession of identification documents involving multiple victims, one count of conspiracy to commit a felony, three counts of theft under $300, three counts of first-degree criminal trespass of an automobile with intent to commit a crime, and criminal possession of a financial device.

In a statement released on Wednesday, Lauren Boebert expressed her love for her son Tyler, who has faced unexpected public scrutiny and endured challenging circumstances for a young guy. Seeing my child in such a precarious position saddens me, particularly because he has had so many chances to turn his life around.

I am committed to being by his side and never giving up on him. In his new role as a parent and adult, Tyler will own up to his mistakes and accept responsibility for his actions. As Lauren Boebert seeks election in a new district in Colorado, the arrest becomes the most recent incident involving her family.

(Representing her family, the lawmaker stated in December that this change would provide a “fresh start” following “a pretty difficult year for us.”) Jayson Boebert, the ex-husband of the Trump supporter, was taken into custody last month on charges of abuse against Tyler.

Three days before to that arrest, Jayson had called 911 to report that Lauren Boebert had hit him multiple times; however, Boebert was later absolved of any culpability by the authorities.

A restraining order was issued on Jayson earlier this month, which he criticized as an unfair and “cruel” effort to prevent him from spending time with his children. In September of last year, the conservative lawmaker’s actions at a live performance of Beetlejuice in Denver theater made headlines once again.

Security camera evidence contradicted her earlier denials, and she eventually confessed that she had been vaping during the presentation. She explained that she had been going through a “challenging personal time” following a “public and difficult divorce,” and apologized for the inconsistency.

His mom is now a 36-year-old grandma thanks to Tyler Boebert, who became a parent last year and has a history of fame. Friend Noble D’Amato was hurt when Tyler, then 17 years old, flipped his dad’s SUV in September 2022. Afterward, D’Amato said that the Boeberts played down the significance of the episode.

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